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The Power of Music

by Prince of Peace

oct. 18, 2019

Ever notice how well music can set the mood? Bring the power of music to your Connect group meetings. Playing upbeat worship music as you gather and slow meaningful songs during your meeting sets the tone for serious reflection. Select songs that relate to your current study or occasionally give more time at the end of your meeting to sing and give praise to our Lord.

The group, Jars of Clay has recorded a song, In The Shelter, that gives a beautiful picture of small groups. In our groups, we gather in safe places of shelter—places where we can "set aside the games, be authentic, and "set aside the lies [we've] been living." Small groups are places that we never walk alone. Here are a few lines from the song.

"We must all believe our lives are not our own
We all belong,
God has given us each other
and we will never walk alone
In the shelter of each other we will live"

It's so true: our lives are not our own. I believe this is true in the sense that our lives belong to God, and that we belong to one another. We are responsible to and for one another. This is a high calling and a humbling privilege. In small groups, we can help one another to be transformed into the people God created us to be.

Connect groups give us hope, help us grow, allow us to be who we are, and provide shelter from the storm of life. It's a beautiful picture.

NOTE: You can go to https://music.youtube.com) or use your smart phone and Google the song, words, and artist, “Shelter” by Jars of Clay. There are many songs available for free through YouTube. Create a word document and make copies for your group members. Other songs that can be used for most meetings: Amazing Grace My Chains are Gone (Chis Tomlin), The Power of Your Love (Darlene Zschesh), Here I am Lord (John Michael Talbot), Is He Worthy (Chris Tomlin), Holy Spirit Rain Down (Hillsong Worship), Abba Father (Fr. Carey Landry).