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Passing On The Faith [Morehead's]

by Prince of Peace

For several years now, the Morehead family has called Prince of Peace their home. We recently had the opportunity to have Grant, Ann, and their teenage daughter, Meghan, share about their family’s journey along The Way.

BranchingOut: What is the biggest piece of advice you could give parents about passing on the gift of faith to their children?

Grant and Ann: Embrace the journey and make it a priority. We suggest starting by just going to Mass together. This is a gradual experience, not an overnight one. Build it in to your everyday life.

BranchingOut: How do you, Ann and Grant, grow in your own faith as parents?

Grant and Ann: First we attended Alpha together, which certainly led us to other experiences, such as Equip Families and then getting involved in other areas of the parish. We also encountered Christ through experiences such as Encounter, adoration, retreats, and so on.

BranchingOut: What are some other things you can suggest to parents when it comes to helping to pass on the faith to their children?

Grant: Try things. We’ve done adoration on a regular basis. We are involved in Equip Families, the monthly family sessions, which help us to have conversations about faith away from the church. Look for moments to encounter Christ and share with others outside of church in the community at work or school and so on.

The Morehead’s daughter, Meghan, has been active in serving in various capacities as she journeyed into high school. Now she is a member of Connect Teens, which kicks off on September 8 at 6:30 p.m. She regularly attends meetings and retreats as a complement to what her parents foster in their home.

It is truly our desire to empower parents and give them the tools to help pass on the faith to their children, while also providing meaningful experiences that challenge parents to grow in their own faith.