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Finding Balance

by Prince of Peace

jun. 12, 2019

Podcast episode 12: Finding the Balance

Inspirations for the Week
Bridget: Call Me Blessed, A Study of 19 women of scripture. Places for reflection, lector divina, and excerpts from Pope John Paul II's Mulieris Dignitatem (On the Dignity and Vocation of Women)

Nicole: Reflecting on saying “yes” to 1 thing that led to an even greater joy.

Rule of Life PDF


Discussion/Reflection Questions:

1) Do you feel like you have a good balance of work, pray, rest/recreate in your life right now? What needs more attention?

2) What is 1 area in the Rule of Life list that you might want to spend more time in? How can you take 1 small step the next week in this area?
Scripture, Silence and Solitude, Daily Office (Prayer), Sabbath, Study, Simplicity, Play and Recreation, Service and Mission, Care for the Physical Body, Emotional Health, Family, and Community (companions for the journey).