Misas de Fin de Semana
-Sábado: 5p
-Domingo: 7:30a, 9:30a, 12p, 2:30p(esp), 5p

Misas de Entre Semana
-Lunes-Sábado: 9a
-Martes: 6:30p(esp)
-Viernes: 7p(esp)

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Horarios de Confesión
-Martes: 5:30p(esp)
-Miércoles: 5:30p
-Sábado: 9:30a
-Por cita (contacte Lelis Knight)

Viajando por vacaciones o negocios
Visite masstimes.org para opciones cerca del trabajo/escuela/viaje

Event Request

To begin your event request process it is important to remember that Prince of Peace has a very specific mission focused on providing platforms for all people to Encounter Christ and Live as Disciples. Event requests are vetted by a leadership team focused on ensuring all special events at Prince of Peace help us in our mission and ensure the best possible outcome. This also means that not all events, albeit good ideas, will be approved. Our church calendar, in terms of events, goes from July 1st to the last day of June. We begin curating the calendar in January. In order to give the attention to detail that is necessary for events to be successful we ask events being requested are proposed during this time frame and not for the current calendar year. Before submitting your event request we ask that you please prayerfully discern the purpose and reason for this event, gathering or meeting.

Here is an example of events that we are not able to approve or host: example, example, example, example, example, example, example.

The purpose of this process is to make sure that we are being a good steward of our resources, providing great experiences for those people we are welcoming to participate, and ultimately ensure that we are mission-focused.

After you have prayerfully discern your event idea, and it not listed on the list of events we can not host, please click the button below to continue with your event proposal.